The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” couldn’t better describe the inspiration behind Trak-a-Dose™ products. After suffering from severe headaches, Kim became concerned about the potential accidental misuse of over-the-counter ibuprofen. Kim’s background in nursing and fear of medication misuse compelled her to write down the time with each dose of ibuprofen. Kim just extended her charting practices from working as a nurse to her personal medicine dosing at home. Before sophisticated electronic barcoding practices became the norm in the healthcare environment, nursing staff was required to write down pertinent patient information (including the time and date the last dose of medication was administered) on bedside charts with pens. This was often physical written on a paper bedside chart. Kim began to see an opportunity to improve healthcare practices at home.

Studies have shown that the simple act or writing something down has the potential to help an individual remember and recall information. In this era of polypharmacy, constant busy schedules, and life’s distractions, Kim believed that taking medication could easily be mismanaged. This prompted her to consult her husband David who is a retired pharmacist. Together Kim and David worked tirelessly to design a product that let patients better manage their medication. Trak-a-Dose™ was invented with patient safety and peace of mind as its driving force. Trak-a-Dose™ users can conveniently “chart” medication times directly on an easy to use dry erase writing surface. The provided marker and eraser also allow a user to easily erase and repeat the process with each subsequent dose. Kim and Dave have perfected the design and are ready to make this available to patients worldwide.

Trak-a-Dose™ products have been tested in real-world scenarios by patients, studied by pharmacists and healthcare professionals and refined as a result of their feedback. Physicians, healthcare marketing specialists and non-professional caregivers have all provided extremely positive reviews. Trak-a-Dose™ is user friendly, marketable and useful to a wide variety of patients and caregivers. After several iterations and multiple improvements, Kim and Dave are thrilled to introduce Trak-a-Dose™ products to the consumer market.

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