Frequently asked questions

  1. How does Trak-a-Dose™ work?
    1. No batteries. No timers. No alarms. Under “Last dose taken”, the user simply writes down the actual date and time the dose was taken on the dry erase surface immediately after taking medication. The written time serves as a visual reminder. Recording dose time and date may help prevent missed or double doses. See directions for more information.
  2. Are Trak-a-Dose™ products reusable?
    1. Caps and vials are reusable but will need replaced depending on usage and care.
  3. Can I use my own marker?
    1. Use only dry-erase and remove any magnets that may accompany store bought markers. Do not user permanent marker. Indelible ink will damage the dry erase surface permanently. The dry-erase markers that accompany Trak-a-Dose™ products are non-toxic, low odor and AP certified. Replacement dry-erase markers are available for purchase in the Trak-a-Dose™ online store.
  4. Will Trak-a-Dose™ caps fit my vial from my pharmacy?
    1. Trak-a-Dose™ caps and vials are type specific and may not fit your vial. Pharmacies use many different cap and vial brand and size combinations.