Trak-a-Dose™ for Pets

Trak-a-Dose™ is an easy to use medication tracking device. A traditional container with a write on dry-erase surface for helping ensure when you actually gave your pet his/her med!! Helps avoid missed doses or double dosing. Just write down the time you gave the dose right on the cap. Great for once daily meds or

Trak-a-Dose™ Senior Friendly

Senior Friendly Trak-a-Dose™ was evaluated and tested by a third party laboratory. The container meets CPSC protocol and standards for Senior Adult Use Effectiveness as stipulated in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700. Not child-resistant

Trak-a-Dose™ Child Resistant

Child Resistant Trak-a-Dose™ was evaluated and tested by a third-party laboratory using CPSC protocol and standards for poison prevention and packaging and fulfills the requirements of the CFR Title 16, Part 1700, including Part 1700.15(1995) and Part 1700.20(1995)

Introducing Trak-a-Dose™

LIFE IS FULL OF DISTRACTIONS Studies have shown that writing things down may help people retain and recall information better than using electronic devices. Trak-a-Dose™ Child-Resistant and Senior Friendly products are here to make medication management easy. No Batteries No Timers No Alarms Simply write down the time you took your last dose of medicine