<h2>Pharmacist Recommended</h2>

Pharmacist Recommended

"Over-dosing or under-dosing is always an issue. Patients forget if or when they took their last dose of medicine. As a pharmacist, I must first establish the time, date and amount that they took their last dose of medication. This product really helps patients control their medication management."

-David H., RPh, Pharmacist

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Take control of your medication schedule today With Trak-a-Dose™ Child-Resistant and Trak-a-Dose™ Easy Open




- NO Batteries
- NO Timers or Alarms
- Dry-erase cap
- Cleanly erases

Studies have shown that writing things down may help people retain and recall information better than using electronic devices.

* Do you prefer handwritten lists instead of electronic devices?

*Would you like to keep better track of your "as needed" medications, including over-the-counter pain medications?

*Do you ever get distracted by phone calls, emails or children and not remember when or if you took your medication?

*Do you distrust of feel like electronic devices are complicated?



Trak-a-Dose LLC products were developed out of necessity to help reduce medication errors at home. Trak-a-Dose LLC is driven by a passion to help others keep track of their medication dose times in a simple, cost-effective way.

Do you have pets?

Trak-a-Dose™ are a great way to manage your pets' medication as well.